Diabetes is a disease that is capable of turning a life completely upside down. Diabetes is the result of having too much glucose (blood sugar) in the system. There are several types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 – Immune system destroys beta cells in the pancreas that produces insulin. Not thought to be caused by lifestyles.
  • Type 2 – Starting out as insulin resistance in the body. This means there is a higher demand for insulin, but the pancreas cannot keep up with it. This is caused by genetics as well as lifestyles.
  • Gestational – Occurs only in pregnancy as hormones block insulin.
  • Prediabetes – Blood sugar levels are high, but not quite high enough yet to give diabetes. This can be reversed with effort as well as medication.

Over eighty-six million Americans have prediabetes, and they may not even know it because prediabetes doesn’t show many symptoms. The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRIF) claims that, as of 2015, over thirty million Americans have diabetes, with over seven million having it but without the diagnosis. Fast forward to 2018, and this number recorded is still consistent. That over one hundred million Americans have any of the types of diabetes. This means that one-third of Americans have the first three forms of diabetes, and this is including prediabetes.

With diabetes having an increasing grip on Americans, the research behind it grows as well. The following is a review of studies we have on what CBD can do for people worrying about diabetes, for those who suffer from diabetes, and how it may be able to prevent it. Regardless, CBD is primarily known as an anxiolytic, but studies also suggest it is a diuretic and even a viable diabetic medication.

Depending on the type of diabetes one has, life is likely changed drastically. This disease means that several factors of life need to change, and this can be a stressful journey. Adding exercise to a routine, diet changes, and overall life change is a cause of anxiety, depression, insomnia, physical damage, etc. However, this life change could mean great things for the future, and shouldn’t be feared. CBD is also an anxiolytic, antiemetic, and more. If stress, worry, and depression is a factor in this, CBD has promising research behind helping these, as we’ve discussed in earlier articles.

Disclaimer: This is not suggesting any medical advice at all, nor can we suggest CBD cures any of the diseases discussed. Rather, this is a scientific review of studies compiled from Nation