Can CBD Oil Go Bad?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, comes in many forms. The fact that we can consume it in gummies, water, oils, salves, or anything crazy you may have found, there are varying answers for the shelf life of CBD.

There’s no secret that CBD users go through CBD quicker or slower than others. Depending on the ailment, some will run out sooner. If you are one of those who keep it steady, then you may be concerned about how long it will last!


First, it’s important to consider if the packaging of the product is sealed, light-resistant, or has any tears, etc. For the sake of clarity, let’s talk about CBD edibles. The packaging is very important, and if the sealed package has been opened, then this is when the shelf life clock begins to tick. Of course, if you bought any CBD product and have left it sealed (for whatever reason) it doesn’t make it last forever either. 


Heat is a no go for most CBD products. Even though you can certainly cook with CBD oil, the risk of losing potency is much higher, as the compounds in the oil can eventually evaporate. However, it does take a good amount of overcooking! Baking at 350 degrees even has shown to lose no effects.

CBD have terpenes, which is what gives the oil its flavors, smells, etc. Other cannabinoids  (as well as terpenes) can be lost when overheated, so it’s important to keep your CBD products out of the heat, especially sunlight. 

Research has shown that light (not direct sunlight) also has a critical impact on losing potency. However, this research was conducted on isolates as well as herbal strains. The number 1 priority is to avoid light on these products, if possible. 

To be more technical, CBD can go under oxidation, which is also going to reduce the potency. To avoid oxidation, it’s good to keep the products in a sealed container, and not leaving it open to oxygen. When it is exposed to open air for a long time, the same compounds begin to break down, and is more susceptible to other elements as well, such as temperature. 


Now that we understand how to preserve the compounds, how long will my product actually last? Depending on your needs, serving sizes will help you realize how long it will last. 

Most users, and we can’t emphasize “most” enough, will use the product before the point of expiration. While we cannot tell you how much to take, a reference can be found below.

Signs of Expired CBD

The easiest way to tell if your product isn’t good anymore is by taste, consistency, and sometimes color. CBD is extracted in several different ways, which can also affect the shelf life.

The color can appear dampened, cloudy, and even grimy. If the color continues to darken, then it’s a sign the suitable conditions aren’t met. Take note of how your product looks and smells when you first open it. If there is a direct contrast at this point, then the shelf life is near its end. 

Sustaining Shelf Life

Keep your CBD products out of the heat as well as direct sunlight (and any light, if possible.) Humid areas aren’t advised either. The best place to store your CBD products is in a cabinet, and usually in its original packaging. Many people will store their products in their fridge. This isn’t a bad idea if you are planning on not using it for awhile.

All in all, multiple sources believe that, if the right conditions are met, then your CBD products will likely keep potency for 1-2 years. Shelf life for CBD is very dependent on environmental factors as well as consuming habits. 

Consume Safe

Most of the CBD products you buy will be consumed well before the ideal shelf life has been passed. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to do the things that help extend its life!

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